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Borough Park neurology services. We provide neurological treatment and rehabilitation services for Borough Park patients, with neurology problems.

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Your health is the most important

List of secialist doctors:


The anesthetist is a specialist in anesthesia and sleep for treatments and operations , reduce pain, all sorts of origin and maintenance of life. He also perioperative patient care , which consists of preparing the patient for anesthesia , anesthesia , care during the entire period of anesthesia , the elimination of anesthesia, wake up and check the health of the procedures and operations . The anesthetist also deals with , in particular, patients with severe multiple organ failure , which can result from trauma or severe systemic disease , such as sepsis or cancer.

Audiologist and foniatra
An audiologist must not only know the anatomy perfectly , ear, nose , throat , larynx and oral cavity. He must also know and understand perfectly how a speech and how these organs function and how to participate in the process of communication. His skills often needs to connect to the cooperation with a speech therapist and psychologist.

Pediatric surgeon
Pediatric surgeon is a specialist in the diagnosis of diseases in children , making decisions about their treatment and surgical operations . Pediatric surgeon must have particular expertise in pediatrics, gynecology and anatomy of children of all ages , as well as general surgery , intensive care and pediatric oncology . In addition, pediatric surgeon should know the basics of prenatal surgery , endoscopy and laparoscopy and transplantation .

Thoracic surgeon / Thoracic surgeon
Thoracic surgeon / Thoracic surgeon during specialization taught operational methods of treating diseases of the chest with particular reference to lung diseases , cancers, mediastinum , diaphragm , esophagus and chest wall . In addition to knowledge specialization in diseases of the chest , Thoracic surgeon must also have knowledge of general surgery , intensive care and management of life-threatening conditions .

Surgeon general
The surgeon general is to treat the most common diseases , but most treatments are adopted by surgeons detailed , dealing with a specific region of the body ( eg, cardiac ) . A special place in the work of the general surgeon is operating oncology and surgical treatment of cancer. The surgeon general is also involved in organ transplantation .

Dental surgeon
Dental surgeon deals with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases of the teeth and pharmacological , alveolar soft tissues of the mouth, jaw and lower jaw and temporomandibular joints . A specialist in dental surgery is also involved in treating maxillofacial injuries . Dental surgeon conducts prevention, diagnosis and treatment of precancerous lesions and cancers of the mouth, facial bones , and temporomandibular joints .

Maxillo- facial surgeon
Maxillo- facial surgeon deals with the diagnosis, diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases of the facial skeleton , soft tissue of face, neck and mouth . He also deals with the treatment of congenital cranial ( facial part ) and neck , traumatic facial deformities and fractures and the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and precancerous lesions : the mouth, jaw , face and neck .

Maxillo- facial surgeon at dental
Maxillo- facial surgeon dentistry deals with the diagnosis, diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases of the soft tissues and bones of the facial skeleton , neck and mouth and temporomandibular joints , as well as surgical treatment of precancerous lesions and cancers face and neck. Assist in head injuries , facial and jaw. Maxillo- facial surgeon deals with the correction of congenital and acquired the skull , face, jaw and bite .

Dermatologist / venereologist
Dermatologist / venereologist deals with diseases of the skin and genital warts in both adults and children. A dermatologist must have knowledge of : allergy , internal medicine , rheumatology , infectious diseases and oncology. Particular attention is paid to the occupational diseases of the skin and occupational dermatoses . A dermatologist must be aware of the legal provisions concerning the jurisprudence of occupational diseases. A dermatologist must regularly update their knowledge of dermatologic and cosmetology.

Diagnostic laboratory
Diagnostic laboratory is the evaluation of the patient's condition based on the research and the parameters for which there is a population health standards . Using this screen you can download the appropriate material for a particular study in the safest possible manner for the patient and safely transported him to the study . The tasks of medical diagnostics and health management should be the appropriate organization of laboratory work.

An epidemiologist deals with the basic conditions and mechanisms of cardiac health, major diseases and their consequences, as well as the supervision of institutions operating in health care. This specialization encompasses issues of health promotion , health education , prevention and prevention .

Clinical geneticist
Clinical geneticist involved in diagnosis of genetic diseases and the care of families responsible for these diseases. The duties of genetics to the planning and execution of screening and determination of groups at high risk for hereditary diseases . Then it deals with prevention of these diseases ( if possible ) of people at risk . Clinical geneticist , in particular, deals with malformations , tumors and genetically conditioned diseases metabolitycznymi . A specialist in this field also runs outpatient genetic counseling .

Internist / doctor of internal medicine
Internist / doctor of internal medicine dealing with the whole process of treatment of the patient , starting from prevention through diagnosis, treatment , rehabilitation and health checks . Knowledge of internal medicine includes detailed knowledge of physiology and diseases : cardiovascular , digestive , respiratory , urinary, endocrine , hematologic , immune and musculoskeletal system .

Heart surgeon
Cardiac surgeon deals with the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, classification of patients for cardiac surgery , cardiac surgery and the performance of post-operative care and rehabilitation of patients. Cardiac surgeon outside flawless mastery of surgical technique , it must also have a general knowledge of the areas , such as internal medicine , surgery, traumatology and orthopedics , anesthesiology and intensive care and neurosurgery .

Otolaryngologist / otolaryngologist
Otolaryngologist / otolaryngologist dealing with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases : the ear , temporal bone , nose , paranasal sinuses , oral cavity, pharynx , larynx , trachea , bronchus , esophagus, head and neck and adjoining structures and organs of the senses - hearing , balance, smell and taste.

Infectious diseases
Infectious diseases is in the diagnosis , treatment and prevention of all sorts of diseases caused by microbial infection of the body , such as viruses , bacteria, and fungi, or disease resulting from the action of toxins secreted by these microorganisms. Infectious diseases also deals with diseases caused by parasites .

Nuclear medicine physician
Nuclear medicine physician deals with diagnosis and treatment of diseases using radioisotopes , in the form of radiation , scintigraphic studies and functional . He has a detailed knowledge of the radioisotope studies , indications and contraindications for their execution, interpretation and biological hazard .

The occupational physician
The occupational physician responsible for the care of the health of the environment and the prevention of occupational diseases , early detection of health risks in the workplace and treatment of patients with this environment . Occupational medicine is a multidisciplinary field of medicine, which is to protect workers from harmful environmental factors. It combines a number of areas , such as internal medicine , medical law , epidemiology, medical statistics , psychology and psychiatry , occupational health .

Emergency physician
Emergency physician is specialized in providing fast , professional and specialist help in life-threatening situations and sick in a very serious condition . Emergency medicine specialists usually work in the ambulance service and ambulances . Emergency physicians specialize in CPR and other life-saving methods in injuries , accidents and other situations in which there is extensive damage to the organs.

Family Doctor
The duties of the family doctor should be primary health care patients, their families and local communities. Working closely related to the family doctor is attending a clinic or outpatient care and treatment, in which the family doctor conducts continuing care and keep control of chronic diseases. It is the most diverse medical specialization . The family doctor has extensive knowledge of internal medicine , pediatrics , obstetrics and gynecology , surgery , psychiatry , dermatology, ENT, neurology and ophthalmology.

Forensic doctor
Forensic doctor specializing in the diagnosis of dissecting corpses of people who died in all types of violent and sudden death from unnatural causes of disease and . Forensic doctor applies knowledge of basic laws concerning crimes against life and health .

A medical doctor transport
Transport medical doctor takes care of all issues related to preventive examinations , risk assessments , case law in the field of work of the different modes of transport: land, air , water , and diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with transportation.

Microbiologist deals with issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of infection , etiologic factors ( germs ) that cause these infections , and the mechanisms of resistance to these microorganisms produce . It is a specialization that requires a broad knowledge of infectious diseases.

Neonatologist deals with all issues related to the examination of both healthy and sick newborns , and diagnosis and treatment of prenatal and post-natal . Neonatologist also leads newborns requiring intensive care , including premature babies . Specialization in neonatology requires in-depth knowledge of obstetrics and gynecology , internal medicine , medical genetics and emergency medicine .

Neurosurgeon deals with all issues related to diseases of the nervous system , especially in terms of the treatment . Neurosurgeon Doctor patient is eligible for surgery , takes care of him and keep his treatment both pre-operatively and post-operatively . Like any surgeon , sees patients in the scheduled and immediate ( injuries , rupture of aneurysm ) .

A neurologist deals with issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system, both diseases of the central as well as peripheral nervous system. Activities neurologist , in addition to diagnosis and treatment is focused on prevention, especially of social diseases such as stroke , dementia , epilepsy , trauma and rehabilitation.

Ophthalmologist deals with issues concerning the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases . Ophthalmology as a field of medicine includes: detailed anatomy of the eye, ocular test methods , first aid in case of emergency ophthalmology , the ability to diagnose eye disorders and knowledge of ophthalmic optics and refractive surgery . It is a specialization that requires a thorough knowledge of the structures of the eye and extending in the vicinity of the vessels , nerves , muscles .

Clinical Oncologist
Clinical Oncology is a branch of medicine dealing with all the issues associated with human malignancies . It includes : basic genetics of cancer , knowledge of the cell cycle , molecular biology of cancer cells and specialized detailed diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It is a specialization that requires a deep knowledge of internal medicine ( internal diseases ) because symptoms caused by the tumor are usually many systems and organs .

Orthodontist deals with the prevention and treatment of congenital and acquired defects of the masticatory system , especially malocclusion . Specialization in orthodontics requires knowledge of the anatomy of the head , neck , development, and defects in this area of ​​the body and defects and diseases involving the organs of the mouth. The orthodontist should be versed in the field of dentistry and maxillofacial surgery , periodontology , restorative dentistry , pediatric dentistry , prosthetic dentistry , dermatology , pediatrics , ENT, phoniatrics or speech therapy , dental radiology and surgery .

Orthopedist / trauma
Orthopedist / trauma deals with issues related to the diagnosis , treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal diseases (bones , joints , muscles) . It is responsible for : supplying and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries , complications , and prognosis in the healing of injuries , particularly fractures , dislocation of joints, amputation and prosthetic limbs , diagnosis , and treatment of cranio - cerebral injuries and spine detection of congenital and acquired diseases of bone and posture .

Pathologist deals with issues related to the broader diagnosis of many diseases. These include: diagnostic macroscopic , microscopic and molecular . Pathology is a specialized skill that requires the differentiation of human cells and tissues and to identify abnormal cells or diseased .

Periodontist deals with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease ( periodontal ) and mouth ( disease mukogingiwalnych ) . Periodontist is required to treat inflammatory and non-inflammatory periodontal disease , periodontal diseases, cancer and ailments resulting from systemic diseases .

Dental prosthetist
Dental prosthetics deals with diagnosis and treatment of masticatory function , malocclusion , acquired malocclusion and tooth loss . Specialization in prosthodontics requires precise knowledge of the materials used in the manufacture of prostheses and technical expertise for dentures . A specialist in this field deals with the prevention , treatment and rehabilitation of prosthetic dentistry. In addition to knowledge of prosthetics must also have knowledge of surgery , radiology , oncology, dermatology and otolaryngology .

Child and adolescent psychiatrist
Child and adolescent psychiatrist involved in resolving any issues relevant clinical and environmental problems associated with the treatment of mental disorders occurring in children and adolescents . Child and adolescent psychiatrist adjudicates on forensic mental health , insurance and other related mental evaluation and diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.

Radiologist oncology / radiation oncologist oncology
Oncology radiologist deals with diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer using radiation or other associated therapies . Oncology radiologist eligible patients , plans and carries out radiation and perform periodic check-ups .

Medical therapist
Medical therapist deals with action aimed to restore a disabled person physically or psychologically full or in order to achieve maximum efficiency . His responsibilities include : administration of nursing care for people with disabilities , programming and exercise of rehabilitation . It is a specialization that requires knowledge of biomechanics , the phenomena of motion , neurophysiology and pathophysiology of the respiratory and circulatory system.

Dental / dentist
The dentist takes care of all issues related to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the teeth , and endodontics . This branch of medicine includes: physiology and pathology of the individual components teeth , dental prophylaxis comprehensive methodology , diagnosis and treatment of individual lesions masticatory system , prediction of dental caries , clinical assessment and classification of lesions , dental care principles .

The urologist deals with all issues related to the genitourinary system , including : a differential diagnosis to identify the causes of disease and the symptoms of the urinary tract in women , men and children, and the male reproductive organs , and surgical treatment , diagnosis and treatment diseases in the field of urologic oncology .

Public health / specialist in the field of public health A specialist in the field of public health deals with taking action to reduce morbidity and premature deaths , prevention and rehabilitation.
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What about stress?


We live in a time when stress affects all of us. Ability to deal with it has few , so are doomed to its negative effects . We are tired , we are nervous , we experience headaches , memory problems , have trouble sleeping , are irritable , feel uneasy. Pills, alcohol and many other methods by which we try to deal with the effects of excessive stress give only temporary relief , because , in fact, their help is only apparent . The few who have the time and money can afford professional help and provided that they realize the real cause of his troubles . Most of us suffer in silence , hoping that one day it will change, but these hopes are illusory . Over time, it gets worse , excessive stress takes the form of a chronic , leading to serious medical problems .

How does stress?

One of the primary reaction of the body to stress is an increase in muscle tone . After some time, the voltage drops , but the stress factor is stronger the longer it takes to return to baseline . If stressors occur frequently or are long-term (and unfortunately often is ) overlap and return to the initial state is difficult . Such tension can persist for a long time and pass in chronic forms . In addition, stress causes increased heart rate , increased blood pressure and flow to the muscles of the internal organs , causing the ischemia and if such a state persists longer - may lead to impairment of their function. This is accompanied by a number of other physiological and chemistry , which in the long run are unfavorable to us .

As a result breathing becomes shallower stress and accelerated , there is some tension. Under the influence of long-term stress these changes also take the form of chronic , and their effects can be even more unfavorable than those described above. Breath is a reflection of our emotional states and breathing disorders are reflected on our balance emotional . Moreover, shortness of breath causes the long-term hypoxia, especially during sleep and can be one of the reasons that we wake up tired and do not remember their dreams and there are often exhausting nightmares.

First of all, excessive stress impairs our mental functions . Everyone knows from personal experience how stress affects our mental functioning - can not remember the important things we have problems with wysłowieniem in logical thinking , concentration, do not we control our reactions , emotions , etc. Changes caused by excessive mental stress also are cumulative and taking the form of chronic . The increase in anxiety , nervousness , and excessive emotional reactions are most easily perceived. If you do not learn to release the effects of stress , these adverse effects will follow poisoning life and everything around us . Does not have to be that way. Just that we take seriously what is written below and introduce it into your life . It's up to us!

How to relieve stress ?

The basic method that allows us to constantly eliminate the effects of stress is relaxation . Relaxation is not difficult , but everything has to be learned . There are many methods of relaxation , some of them are very powerful and their self -control is difficult, as it requires time and perseverance , others are simple. All , however, are based on the same principles and use the same techniques that we need to know , if we are to apply these methods . In general we can say that the basic principle and purpose relaxation of the body 's release of muscle tension and achieve a state of tranquility, which our body relaxes , harmonizes , refresh your energy and back to normal. Contrary to appearances, to achieve such a state is not as easy as it seems and usually requires regular exercise. The reason is because most people almost always remains in a state of tension and do not realize the deeper tensions in the body. When practicing , after some time fail to recognize the tension and gradually get rid of them , which is why regular exercise is necessary.

Research shows that regular use of relaxation exercises cause a number of positive changes :
- Reduce the frequency of breath .
- Reduced oxygen consumption .
- Decrease in the concentration of lactate concentration ( the increase is associated with anxiety , decrease with a decrease in voltage ) .
- The increase in resistance of the skin.
- Shortening the time to respond to stimuli.
- Increase intelligence and creativity.
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Sport is good for health and good humor...


Playing sports and taking any type or kind of physical activity is the ideal way to spend your time. Regular "use of traffic" influences not and then improve our health and wellness and fitness, but an optimistic influence on feelings also. Unfortunately, despite these advantages, many people prefer more passive lifestyle, claiming that the activity is not for them. It's possible, however, such a range exercise to have the ability to bring from them the pleasure, relax and gain both health advantages and emotional.

Physical activity
Nowadays a lot of folks consciously chooses passive, sedentary lifestyle, depriving the contribution in sports, this provides you with up their benefits. However, it is well known that physical exercise, which in virtually any form is effective for the body, can be split into two types:
-Few extreme exercise, which include walking, canoeing, as well as home tasks, such as taking right out the trash.
-Intense exercise is, subsequently, running, practicing or swimming aerobics.
As shown in this section we don't need great strength and also have specialist equipment to execute physical exercise. Each folks will get something suited to themselves and designed to their specific preferences.

With regular physical exercise exercise can experience numerous benefits. The main of the is to lessen the likelihood of the incidence of several diseases. Playing activities decreases, therefore, the chance of disorders, cardio - vascular, inhibits osteoporosis, regulates and sustains an optimal degree of metabolism, and a positive influence on blood circulation pressure - cutting down them. Furthermore, physical activity takes on an important role in retaining a wholesome weight. That is credited to severity quickness calorie burning, minimizing weight and durable achievements of ideal weight thus. Benefit directly from exercise and really helps to achieve lean, it is to lessen appetite. Another very visible and very important to us to improve caused by the sports activities is to boost our well-being.

Physical mood and activity
Many studies have shown that exercises and lifestyle into account physical activity increases our well-being.
Frequent sports will increase the functioning of our mind - increases retention also, and the power organizatorsko - decision-making. As that during exercise secretes high degrees of serotonin in charge of the delight - lowers the likelihood of the occurrence of major depression and other feeling disorders. What's important is the known simple fact that beyond the natural facet of influencing the forming of feelings, the activity itself shall improve our well-being. Among other activities, he funkcj fully?roz?adowuj?c? gathered negative thoughts in us, and likewise, by obtaining because of it learning to be a more desirable physique and burning excessive calories - improves our self-esteem.
Studies in young proved that satisfaction with life of individuals, sports activities is a lot increased than the ones that are alternatively unaggressive.

For best results...
It's been demonstrated that the daily practice of exercise of moderate strength (for example morning hours training conditions in walking, bicycling or doing housework) is very good for maintaining a sound body. That's just how many calories we shed through the activity is carefully correlated with bodyweight and health. The ideals are higher, a lot more calories from fat you eliminate body. It also works out that, because of the daily training we can with impunity (that is, without the chance of putting on weight) consume 15% more calories - so we are able to fine food pleasures.
Remember that to be able to enjoy the consequences of exercise, but also the exercise itself, it is important to properly choose the sort of activity undertaken, not and then our physical ability, however the tastes and personality also. For a few, who appreciate the calm and precision, better the practice of yoga certainly, in turn, for the social people bursting with energy and feel the surplus - recommended aerobics, boxing or running.
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